Our Services


Initiation, conduct, and completion of executive identification based on a careful plan for achieving the greatest outcome of success. This includes identifying and mobilizing knowledge, experience, networks, and values to compete in the candidate market. Results are comprehensive action plans to attract high potential candidates, affirming HH&A’s operational excellence.

KNOWLEDGE: What is known or can be learned through investigation. To apply facts and ideas acquired to execute our masterful art and techniques to recruit.

EXPERIENCE: Accumulated intelligence through over thirty years of being in practice. We are conscious experts and the ultimate source of producing methods to succeed.

NETWORK: Our fabric and structure that is interconnected and/or interrelated to reach the expansive and collective market. The tool most valued for communication.

HH&A VALUE FIT: A shared mission to enhance our ability to work well together. These qualities would be difficult to recapture in any other organizational environment.

OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE: Our tenacious and uncompromising process that has been developed and enhanced to adapt to current market expectations to be the most preeminent strategic recruitment firm.


Proactive collection of data through cultural assessment, analysis, and evaluation to gain an understanding of culture, values, and external environment. Cultural alignment integrated into strategic recruitment and candidate selection.

CULTURAL ANALYSIS: Data collection and assessment; clear understanding of a culture by observations, interviews, and facility tour.

CULTURAL INTEGRATION: Through assessment and knowledge, strategically integrate into search. Involve the team in the process; collaborate, identify patterns, challenges, and translation of end goal.

CULTURE-BASED ALIGNMENT: Assessment, comprehension, and evaluation of commonly shared values. How to integrate alignment of culture and values.

EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENTS: Clear and comprehensive understanding of outside factors or influences that impact the operation of the business. Integrate assessment into strategic recruitment.


Provide clients counsel and advice on planning for their company’s future. Help clients establish a plan for future leadership by assessing needs, analyzing role fit, understanding and addressing gaps in existing leadership progression and continuity planning as well as providing onboarding assistance and post-search support/communication.

ROLE FIT: Assisting and collaborating with clients to determine the responsibilities of the role they are seeking to fill, the necessary knowledge skills and abilities needed to fulfill that role, and taking into consideration the culture, values, strategy, and external environment of their company.

LEADERSHIP PROGRESSION / CONTINUITY PLANNING: Helping to create a process for identifying and developing new leaders who can replace existing leaders when they leave, retire, or die. This progression/continuity assessment and planning increases the availability of experienced and capable employees that are prepared to assume these roles as they become available.

ONBOARDING: Helping to create a process to assimilate and integrate a candidate into a company’s structure, culture, and their new role. This allows employees to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and behaviors to become effective organizational members and insiders.

POST-SEARCH COMMUNICATION: Quarterly consultation (at minimum) with clients and placed candidates for at least one year to maintain relationships, assist with problems, and troubleshoot.


Partnership with lead consultant and clients/candidates as a trusted advisor by providing a fiduciary role, underpinning our strategic recruiting based on a comprehensive understanding of industry, environment, and operations. Delivering passionate, vulnerable, and thought-provoking understandings from an authentic and empathetic root. Our sage advice will offer industry expertise and organizational culture knowledge that will impact the intersection of culture and industry for our client’s companies.

PARTNERSHIP: HH&A prides itself on assuming a fiduciary responsibility with our clients, their companies, and the candidates we engage.

SAGE ADVICE: HH&A has 30+ years of expertise in cultural recruiting at the Board, “C-suite” and VP Levels of companies in various industries. We have a great understanding of values, culture, people, and a remarkable discernment and judgment in the integration of candidate fit within company culture.

AUTHENTIC: No bullshit communication approach.

EMPATHETIC: HH&A is aware and sensitive to our clients current and future situations & positions. We do not just push our agenda.

VULNERABLE: HH&A is completely open and unguarded with our heart, mind, and soul. We allow for and ask clients for immediate trust.