Mission/Core Values


Extending its family legacy as a Michigan-based retained executive recruiting firm, Harvey Hohauser & Associates differentiates itself through the placement of strategically adaptive and culturally aligned executives. We are trusted advisors and partners, committed to providing expert consultative services to private & public companies and the professional community. Our process engages a global network, deep market knowledge, selection excellence, timeliness, and integrity. We are founded on and thrive in creating and sustaining genuine long-term relationships that provide opportunity and added value for our clients, candidates, and the greater global community.


Our founder, Dr. Harvey Hohauser, understood when he created our firm in 1986 the importance of culture matching executive candidates to client companies. This knowledge came from his educational background and study of sociology, years of experience integrating companies and their executives in corporate America and a track record of success in strategic cultural recruiting. Harvey created a process, that we have evolved, which enables hiring to be more than just a process of skills sorting; it is also a process of cultural matching between candidates, companies, their values and the company’s organizational structure. Adding in the study of the thought leader Patrick Lencioni, we understand that culture is a result of living one’s values. Furthermore, it is statistically proven that companies that live their values (feed their culture) outperform companies that have no established and shared values. The leaders of our firm embarked on a journey, years ago, to explore and define these values.

We felt; if we are working with our clients to match executive candidates to their culture, which is defined by their values, we should “take our own medicine” and define our own values, manage and shape our own culture. These values are deeply rooted in the owner’s personal histories and experience; shared values with our team members. They are: Empowerment, Learning, Family, Helping, Adaptation, Independence and Respect. ELFHAIR

The picture above was commissioned to represent and describe our values at work. We, the elves pictured on each side, stand as guardians and shepherds of our clients. We are dedicated to ensuring their kingdoms continue to grow and are prepared for their heirs; the princes and princesses. We find and recruit white ravens and purple squirrels (aka – unique candidates that fit our clients culture) to help support and grow their companies.


Foster creative solutions. Foster creative autonomy. Initiative. Letting go. Foster experiential learning. Accountability comes with empowerment.

The organization gives everyone the tools to do what we need to do with clear expectations and guidelines. We slow down and ask clarifying questions. We celebrate creativity and accomplishments: Purple Squirrel and White Raven award. We strive to understand each other’s unique motivation “buttons,” intrinsic or extrinsic. Each team member will do what they say they are going to do: “yes,” “no,” or “let’s negotiate”. We clearly communicate needs, expectations and deliverables.

Will continually seek to develop ourselves and our employees.  Development comprises several tasks and processes aimed at developing and implementing greater capabilities in ourselves and our employees focused on personal, professional and organizational growth.

We share tribal knowledge and new knowledge. We strive to be open and humble. We believe in the process of elimination, in diagnosis. We promote self-actualization, education (formal and informal) and understanding. We will conduct “lunch & learns,” aka “Brown Bag Universities” to share information and learning.

Community (support). It takes a village. Family comes first. Mishpocheh. In good times and in bad times, in sickness and in health, for better or for worse. We are accepted for who we are. We have heart. The story of our family (Hohauser’s) helps to solidify us to the candidates and clients. Family provides the benefit of the doubt, unconditional love, help and support. It all starts here. All subsequent values are grown from family.

We cover each other when we must be gone. We agree to work out our differences. If we don’t know how to help and support each other as family, we show our love and support through actions such as chocolate bars. We work out our differences. We are bold, we speak how we’re feeling about situations, issues or differences.

Make it easier for someone to do something by offering one’s services or resources. Improve a situation or problem, be of benefit. Assist someone to move in a specified direction.

When a candidate calls, referred to us by a friend/client/referral source and they need help finding a job we will speak to them, provide them resources, meet with them if time allows, connect them to others who may be able to network them to a job.

When a team member comes to your door or office or IM’s you for help, support or to answer a question, respond as quickly as possible. This is a blessing. This means they trust you, like you, respect your perspective and want your input/support. This is an iteration of family, this is what a family member does for another family member. No one can do everything but everyone can do something. We ask for help before it’s too late.

The quality of being able to adjust to new conditions. The capacity to be modified for a new use or purpose. Seeking out a new way. Creativity.

The market is ever changing. Learn, change, morph to meet this challenge. The earth has cooled and changed for millions of years. The speed of change has doubled every year since the creation of the planet. Change with it or die. Clients may prefer to talk on the phone OR email OR text OR meet face-to-face, adjust to their desired mode of communication. Candidates may not be able to speak between the hours of 9am to 5pm, schedule a time to speak with them when you are not in the office: early morning, late afternoon, evening or weekends. Our systems and/or processes may be out of date. Encore may not be the best way for us to manage our resume database. Change it, use a new one.

We will continually and voluntarily adapt to the environment to stay competitive. Change is an opportunity, can create a sense of freedom, can create a MUCH better way of doing something. Our 120-step process aids in the management of our ever-changing cultural DNA while driving operational excellence. We share how we have adapted for future learning. We will help others who resist adaptation to see a new way to do something, help others to see a new way. Be aware that change is harder for some. Be sensitive to individuals as they move through the change.

The fact or state of being independent. Self-sufficiency, self-reliance, autonomy.

External – We are not publicly traded. We are objective, with no biases, with clarity. We are hands-on and flexible, without constriction. We are multi-specialists and industry agnostic. This is the “spirit” or “ethos” of the company: being sector agnostic is one of our competitive advantages. We have a choice of who we work with.

Internal – We are an interdependent and self-managed team. We don’t PAC out. We trust each other to do what we have committed to do. We are free to come up with our own way to complete tasks. As long as the task is complete, the process can be unique and independently created. We trust each other to be capable and reliable.

Admire someone deeply as a result of their abilities, qualities or achievements. Have due regard for the feelings, wishes, rights and/or traditions. Avoid harming or interfering with.

When reaching out to a client, referral source, candidate or team member, ask: “Is this a good time?” or “Do you have a moment?” or “When you get a second I’d like your help with something” or “I have a question for you.” When a visitor arrives at the office, we ask: “Would you like something to drink?” and say: “Please have a seat.”

Understand that everyone you interact with is coming from another experience, another timeline, a timeline which may include pain, suffering or anguish over a personal/family issue. Be cognizant of this, be empathetic. We are a family to each other. Respect and acknowledge that. We leave our titles at the door, we are available to each other to vent, etc. Be approachable, open-minded, open-door. Honor, forgive and respect differences.