Our Process


To be most effective in the recruitment process we must first understand the nature of the organization and its culture. This is why we will spend considerable time and effort analyzing your organization and its management. Our preparation typically includes:

  • Meet with senior management, hiring managers and decision-makers to prepare a thorough job description.
  • Identify the designated client contact and agree on the selection process to be used for this assignment.
  • Interview current staff members to understand the organization’s culture, skill levels and identify the management personality that best fits the position in question.
  • Prepare a comprehensive Job Profile and provide it to the designated client contact for approval.


The selection process will produce hundreds of candidate leads and typically requires several weeks of intensive screening, interviews and formal verifications. This process usually includes:

  • Prepare, together with the HH&A recruitment team a list of target corporations, or governmental organizations, professional associations, or educational institutions that would be appropriate networking contacts for this assignment.
  • Plan and implement research strategies with HH&A Lead Consultant and Director, Executive Recruitment.
  • Complete a database search of all individuals within the HH&A / IIC Partners systems who have required skills for this position.
  • Post position opening with various appropriate web sites emphasizing E.E.O, Affirmative Action, A.D.A., etc.
  • Send communication(s) to specific organizations, targeting private network contacts, etc., which will include the Job Profile and additional information.
  • When appropriate, prepare advertisements for targeted trade journals, online publications, associations and magazines.


  • Thoroughly interview internal and external candidates by telephone and in-person deploying behavior-based interviewing to assess cultural alignment. No candidate will be interviewed by our client without first undergoing a phone interview and a face-to-face behavioral interview and assessment with a HH&A representative.
  • Prepare a Comparative Candidate Matrix (short-list) of the top 4-8 individuals, demonstrating each candidate’s potential value alignment and cultural match comparing their strengths, skills and work experience – along with resumes and other supporting documents.
  • Meet with designated client contact to discuss and compare each candidate. Finalist candidate(s) face-to-face interviews will be arranged at that time.
  • Interview final candidates along with the client contact and any other designated advisors. A HH&A consultant is present to facilitate these interviews.



  • Discuss outcome of interviews with client contact / Advisors to determine differences between candidates, strengths, weaknesses and who shall be asked back for further discussion.
  • Facilitate final interviews.
  • Assist in selection of final candidate. HH&A will conduct an exhaustive reference check that includes credit checks, police reports, verification of degrees / certifications, preparation of a confidential candidate profile and a report of interviews with at least six (6) professional references.
  • Prepare, along with client contact, an offer and negotiation strategy using all information gained from interviews and discussions with candidates.
  • Present offer to lead candidate, either by HH&A consultant or client contact.


Facilitate quarterly checkup (90 / 180 / 270 / 365 days). Follow up successful placement by discussing with client and new employee if everything is as promised and progressing successfully. We will conduct regular follow up with both the client and the employee on a quarterly basis during the first year of employment, to ensure a successful transition.