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In 1978, a group of parents, concerned about the future of their children diagnosed with a developmental disability came together to seek a solution. At this time, large state funded institutions were the prevalent choice for treatment and residential placement for such children. The founders of MOKA, seeking answers and better options, formed a nonprofit organization for this expressed purpose. MOKA’s initial and primary mission was to open community based homes licensed as adult foster care by the State of Michigan, and assist children and adults living at the State’s large institutions to become physically and socially included in our local communities.

After one home opened in May of 1979, MOKA expanded rapidly opening thirteen more homes throughout West Michigan by April , 1981.  The acronym “MOKA” emerged due to the geographic area served–the four counties which make up the acronym: Muskegon, Ottawa, Kent and Allegan. MOKA has steadily expanded since those early days. Presently, MOKA supports over 800 children and adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities, including autism. Many of the individuals supported by MOKA have multiple diagnoses, complex and co-occurring disorders.  Current employment is approximately 475 employees including over 400 front line employees in roles of residential support staff, CLS Support Staff, Skill Building Mentors and Youth Autism Specialists.

MOKA’s mission is “Creating opportunities for independence and acceptance in our communities by supporting children and adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities in making choices, building relationships, sharing places, developing skills, enhancing reputation and contributing back.”


After serving since 1980, the current Executive Director plans to retire.  The Board of Directors seeks a new executive similarly committed to implementing the mission of their organization; one professionally motivated by human services, sees themselves as a servant leader and seasoned in the skills of contemporary management practices.  The successful candidate will be an innovative, creative leader with strong management skills who will provide vision, leadership and direction in an increasingly challenging environment.  The new Executive Director will be responsible for communicating the mission and vision of MOKA to the broader community and developing the resources necessary to successfully maintain and grow the programs and services that reflect that mission.  He/she must reach out to all stake holders to establish the current relevancy of the programs and garner the financial support necessary to sustain and enhance their benchmark reputation.


Reports directly to the Board of Directors.

Keeps Board informed on current activities and, along with the Board and key staff, develops and implements the ongoing strategic plan that will fulfill the organization’s mission.

Plans, coordinates and assists in the development and execution of short/long term programs to achieve stated goals.

Plays a leadership role in establishing strategic planning initiatives and overall program development, including evaluating current programs and initiating new programs to meet the rapidly changing services for persons with intellectual/developmental disabilities.

Analyzes with appropriate executive staff member’s reports and results of services rendered in compliance with funding source contracts.

Represents organization at appropriate functions at the local and state levels and be the “Face” of MOKA.

Promotes positive relationships with public officials, businesses and other non-profit private agencies.

Articulates the vision and strategic direction of the agency to its various stake holders.

Provides the overall direction for the agency programs and business operations.

Develops and maintains relationships with a diverse array of funders.

Is alert to the formation of strategic partnerships (i.e., collaborations, alliances, mergers, and acquisitions) that enhance the impact MOKA makes in the community.

Oversees the recruitment and development of talent needed to execute the organization’s mission.

Creates a culture of individual accountability for results; both financial and client outcomes throughout the organization by maintaining and improving the quality of services provided.


Must be compassionate and demonstrate commitment to serving the needs of their clients.

Must be willing to be a strong advocate for the interest of those in their care.

Must be willing and eager to aggressively pursue opportunities for growth and expansion of their services, programs, and geographic reach.

The preferred candidate will have significant achievements in the design, planning and execution of fund development strategies, and marketing programs.

Strongly demonstrated leadership and communication skills involving employees, clients, peers, and funders.

Highly focused, organized, analytical thinker who initiates as opposed to reacts.

Successful candidate will possess excellent interpersonal and organizational skills with the ability to communicate written and orally with all types of individuals.

The successful candidate will be a person of distinction, intellectual depth, creativity, humor, and common sense.

A proactive team leader with a proven record of accomplishment through team effort.

Proven high degree of integrity.

Ability to think strategically.

Possessive of an entrepreneurial spirit.


Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work, Business Administration, Public Administration or similar fields with extensive experience in non-profits. An advanced degree is preferred.

A career that includes at least 5 years of executive leadership preferably in the human services field with significant management experience in constructive organizational change affecting such areas as: informational technology, budgeting and finance, personnel administration, community relations, development and strategic planning.

Must be a highly motivated and self-directed leader who is solidly committed to helping the organization and its members reach their goals.  A consensus builder, this individual must be a strong manager who enjoys the challenges of coaching a team to achieve excellence.

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