Non-Executive Directors



As an industry leader in computer vision technologies, our client is a global company with 600 employees.  As a growing business, our client delivers to the following transport industries; Automotive, Commercial Fleet, Aviation, Rail and Off-Road markets. The aligned Board of Directors culture is open, inquisitive, supportive, direct and transparent.


The position will be comprised of one or two individuals.  The organization’s current board members include five external Executive Directors and the current Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The Non-Executive Director(s) will work alongside other board members, collaborating with the organization’s executive leadership on strategic relationship and business development efforts. The individuals chosen will have professional experience and personal characteristics to provide objective insight to the executives and board members.

The Goal:

As the Board of the organization looks to the future, they recognize the need for individual(s) that can leverage their knowledge, expertise and network – especially in North America – to assist the Company in capitalizing on the huge opportunity in front of it and thus assist in creating greater net-worth for the organization. This will be accomplished by providing insights on Nasdaq/F500 governance, scaling a business, resource planning, increasing market awareness and gaining market share. Thus, a newly created Non-Executive Director position will serve to aid the Board and executive leadership in identifying and helping to bridge relationships and business opportunities that drive sustainable growth. They will complement existing Board Members in advising the executive leadership as to operational effectiveness as the company scales its implementation of service delivery, commercialization strategy and provide industry prospective that assists in-house experience and expertise.


First and foremost, the successful candidates must have an excitement for technology, a passion for safety and appreciate the evolution of mobility and human data-driven technology in the automobile. Individual(s) must understand a selling forward strategy within a software defined vehicle landscape. They must also set the standard for personal integrity, honesty, teamwork, transparency, and public accountability. An established professional reputation within the automotive and/or telematics industry is paramount.


Role Responsibilities:

  • Ensure governance alignment with F500/Nasdaq regulatory and operational principles.
  • Support existing Board in aiding the Executive team in making decisions that balance a variety of factors (e.g., cost, pricing, risk, short term vs. long term impact) to achieve optimal outcomes for the organization and its overarching strategy.
  • Assisting company executives in all matters relevant to actively helping to drive profitable strategic growth.
  • Analyze complex information/problems in an objective manner and derive logical conclusions to provide a sound basis for establishing priorities, selecting appropriate courses of action.
  • Provide input on the strategic plan as well as the planning process, advise in guiding the plan’s implementation and help to advance the company’s long-term growth in revenue and profitability. Advise the Executive team to develop and implement strategic plans that promote both top & bottom-line growth.
  • Leverage competitive intelligence to convert data into actionable information that allows the Company and its leaders to proactively address strengths and weaknesses and competitive opportunities and threats.
  • Provide insight and counsel on developing the capabilities necessary to optimize the current value chain, implementation of service delivery that increases market share in attractive verticals. The Non-Executive Director must be able to quickly grasp key business drivers in the industry and effectively advise the executive leadership to leverage and pursue opportunities for growth.
  • Must attend all Board meetings and assist Board members and the CEO when needed. Frequency includes several face-to-face meetings annually and a regular cadence of video/phone calls.
  • Available for special projects as needed by the Board and CEO.


  • Ideally, have served and held the following levels of position: Chief Executive Officer, President, Chief Operations Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Strategy Officer, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, or Vice President of Sales & Marketing.
  • Candidates ideally have past board/advisory board service; Fortune 500 or NASDAQ is preferred.
  • Must have worked for or within an Automotive OEM, Telematics or Tier supplier.
  • Proven experience with Chinese, Japanese or Korean OEM’s, Chinese OEM is preferred.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in business, finance or management required. MBA highly preferred.
  • 15+ years of senior management experience involving full P&L, balance sheet, capital structures and growth responsibilities.
  • Mergers and acquisitions experience is preferred.
  • The proven intellect and commercial savvy of an experienced professional or industrialist with an entrepreneurial outlook, who can rapidly build the respect to act as a sounding board and valued business partner to the Board, the CEO and executive team.
  • Capable of operating within a disciplined, high quality, growth environment.
  • Ability to base decisions on the established ethics, core values and principles that align to the organization’s mission.
  • Possess a resourceful, figure-it-out-and-get-it-done mentality with a track record of leading and creating successful organizations.
  • Overachiever who is dedicated, passionate, fun, organized and willing to get the job done and is adaptable to a well-developed Board and Leadership team.
  • Must be articulate, resourceful, and creative, possessing the ability to work with and adapt to all kinds of people. Must be pragmatic, patient and persistent. Strong work ethic; e.g. “roll-up your sleeves” leader.
  • Must display an excitement for the organization’s purpose/mission, be open-minded, inquisitive, collaborative, driven and possess a sense of humor.
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