Through out my career I have realized how much my personal success is tied to the quality and fit of the people I have on my team. Working with HH&A, they have repeatedly helped us locate, hire and retain quality executives that have driven positive change and strong growth in our business over the last decade. Their focus and dedication allows me to focus on running my business, while they work tirelessly to locate and filter candidates to bring us a series of high quality choices.

Andrew Tweddle, Owner & CEO
The Tweddle Group

IV. Closure

  • A discussion is held after the first round of interviews between HH&A consultant and the employer to determine differences between each candidates, strengths / weaknesses, and who shall be asked back for further discussion. Selected finalists receive personality inventory tests.
  • Subsequent interviews are arranged.
  • A final candidate is chosen. HH&A will conduct thorough reference verifications which include credit check, verification of degrees / certifications preparation of Confidential Candidate Report including interviews with personal and professional references.
  • The offer is negotiated with the winning candidate, typically by HH&A consultant.
  • Celebrate!