Nothing General About a General Counsel

Our ability to understand our client’s industry, organization and management style is critical. We specialize in identifying seasoned executives who match these criteria. Many candidates can do the job, but few can do it without disrupting the constructive forces already at work in our client’s organization. We typically accomplish this in a two to three month period, with most searches requiring hundreds of contacts and dozens of interviews.

There are exceptions to every rule. We have located and successfully matched exceptional candidates with client companies in less than one week. But, these are the results of unusual circumstances. For the greater part, finding the right person requires considerable effort and having us do this work saves or clients valuable time.

Importantly, when we bring a candidate to our client’s organization, we know he or she will stay with our client because we have implemented our proven selection process.

Please, take a few moments to review the representative case studies we have provide here. They are examples of the typical assignments in which we have excelled and from which our clients have greatly benefited.